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People draw conclusions about you based on a photo within 40 milliseconds! (Buffer)
You are 11 times more likely to have your profile viewed if you have a picture. (Top Dog)
An unprofessional photo is the #1 way to kill your credibility on LinkedIn. (Inc.com)
Oklahoma Headshot Photography

Let's get one thing out of the way: everyone needs a professional headshot.
Yes! That means you too!

What's In A Headshot?

  • Confidence

    As Oklahomans, we all know what the "deer in the headlights" glare really looks like! Confidence comes from the eyes, and it is essential for a great headshot.
  • Approachability

    Ladies and gentlemen, we are not beat cops in Gotham. Let's ditch the mean face and adopt a natural smile. The approachability will really come across to potential clients, referral partners, or those wanting to hire you!
  • Likability

    When a photographer says "smile", it's never the expression you are going for in your headshot. You need to relax and be yourself! Luckily, that's my job behind the camera. All you have to do is show up.

This isn't your normal 5 minute headshot session! You will benefit from the coaching, real-time feedback, and expertise.

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Oklahoma Headshot Photography
  • Ryan Lassiter - Oklahoma Headshot Photographer
  • "I want to make sure everyone who walks in front of my camera comes away with an image they absolutely love. I've built my company around the ability to loosen people up and get the best image possible for them!"

    Ryan Lassiter - Photographer and Owner, defining Image