Headshot Pricing

Professional Headshots Are An Essential Investment In Your Brand.


  • Increase Visibility
  • Increase Conversion Rates
  • Instill Trust In Prospective Customers
  • Establish Credibility

Think to yourself: what could my current headshot be costing me?

It’s Time To up your headshot game!


Session Rate

Selected Images

Total Cost


In-studio headshot sessions are $175.

What’s included:

  • No Time Limit
  • Unlimited ‘looks’ (outfit changes)
  • The ‘Pro Cull’ – Expert on-site training and guidance on image selection¬†
  • Tested and proven coaching to produce fantastic images

Once we’ve had our fun shooting, we’ll sit down to see all the great images we’ve created together. It is during this time that you choose which images you’d like delivered to you after the retouching is completed. You get to choose the final number of images you need. 

($40 per edited image with retouching.)

I want you to consider all the places you use your headshot. Not all of them call for a suit and tie or the formal dress, right? Your headshot session allows you the freedom to utilize a series of images that will serve you long after you post your first profile picture. 

Want to update your headshot for different weather? Bring the outfits for it! 

Want to have a knockout headshot in your favorite casual clothes to use for Facebook instead of your business formal for Linkedin? Let’s get it taken care of! 

I want you to be well equipped for not just one platform, but your personal brand as a whole. Think of your headshot as your digital handshake; it’s the front door to any business interaction you have in the future. Let’s get you set up for success!


Group Discounts and On-Site Deals Also Available!